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D-23556 Lübeck

Constant Temperature Food Transports

Transportation of fruits and vegetables or other constant temperature traffic from the
european cultivation areas will be handle by thermo-equipment across the Baltic Sea.

Terminal Handling

We offer you an unlimited 20-year experience in trailer/container stuffing,
securing of cargo, classifying, new packing, wrapping of paletts,
warehousing or anything else you might need.

Maritime Trade

We are present in the main important german seaports. Especially in the baltic
seaport of Lübeck and Lübeck-Travemünde for the whole distrubition service like
mafi/cassette handling and rail tracks with a length of more than 300 m for all
belongings across the Baltic Sea to Skandinavien and Baltic States or Russia.

Export / Import

We are authorizised consignee and shipper for custom bounded shipments.
All necessary data based clearences can be done with us via
Atlas-NCTS or Export-AES.

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